Silver Range Forest LP

Greenfield Forestry & Carbon Investment

RDNZ is pleased to announce our latest greenfield forest investment,   Silver Range Forest LP

A 198-hectare greenfield property to be established in radiata pine during the 2021 planting season.


Intended Offer Opening – 17th June 2021’

Silver Range is located north of Elsthorpe in the Central Hawkes Bay region and in good proximity to Napier Port and other forest infrastructure

The forest will be managed on a framing regime (one thin-to-waste and no pruning), targeting a minimum clear-fell age of 26 for the first rotation

Partnership disbursements are forecast to be made via:

  • the sale of carbon credits stored in the forest between years 5 and 20, and

  • the production harvest of the forest around age 27.

The forecast real Investor pre-tax IRR is 6.8% for the first rotation over a 29 year investment horizon*

Silver Range is available to wholesale investors with a minimum investment quantity of 50 Units ($50,000)


Investor disbursements are forecast from carbon between years 5 and 20, disbursements from harvest are forecast from year 27.

Investment AmountPercentage Scheme OwnershipEffective Forest AreaTotal Forecast Disbursements


RDNZ has an unconditional contract to purchase the Silver Range property with a gross area of 198.15 hectares, subject to survey. The property is located on the edge of the Silver Range near Elsthorpe in the Central Hawkes Bay region


A temperate climate with annual rainfall typically between 900-1,200mm per annum. Soils are a mix of heavy, sandy and silt loams and mostly free draining


Located at 2538 Kahuranaki Road, Elsthorpe, Central Hawkes Bay. 63 kilometers south of the Napier Port and other nearby forestry infrastructure. Close proximity to port and mills provides significant advantage at harvest



It is forecast that 171.7 hectares of control pollinated Radiata pine will be established this winter. The forest will be tended to a framing regime (no pruning and one thin-to-waste) and is forecast to grow 767 tonnes of logs per hectare at a minimum clear-fell age of 26


The majority of land has been in pasture in 1989/90 and is eligible as Post-89 land under the New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme. The sale of carbon is forecast to fund forest expenses and provide investor disbursements, meaning there are no anticipated share calls across the first rotation of the investment.

Why invest in forestry

Roger Dickie New Zealand Limited (RDNZ) has over 30 years of experience specialising in establishing and managing sustainable New Zealand forestry and carbon investment opportunities.

Forestry is a sustainable, socially responsible and tangible investment providing strong and diversified returns that are uncorrelated to traditional investment assets.

Global supply and demand are the foundations for a solid investment – Global supply of logs is decreasing while demand increases for our renewable resource in line with increases in global population and global standards of living.

“Our experience with Roger Dickie (NZ) has been very positive. We are impressed with the professionalism and integrity of both the company and Roger Dickie personally. We therefore have no hesitation in recommending this company to other potential forestry investors” Thomas J Paulas – Polygon Management

RDNZ has established and manages over $1 billion of New Zealand forestry assets on more than 30,000 hectares of freehold land for both New Zealand and international investors.

We offer a complete service to our clients and can package a forest investment to suit your individual requirements. Read below to find out more about our current forest investment opportunity.

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*Forecast investment returns contain no inflation and are subject to independent review. Actual returns may differ from the forecast return.

Roger Dickie (N.Z.) Limited is licensed under the Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013 to manage Managed Investment Schemes which are primarily invested in forestry assets. See the PDS available at for calculations, assumptions, and risks. Roger Dickie (N.Z.) Limited is the issuer of Huntingwood Forest LP.

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